Hi, I'm Boryana.

My passion is in Personal Growth and Career Design, and it’s time for us to work together on your success!

My journey

Hi, I’m Boryana Pesso. My journey to becoming a personal growth and career development coach is a tapestry of varying experiences; both in the corporate world and in spiritual quests around the globe.

With a European foundation in Journalism and Mass Media and further studies in the US, I learned how to inspire and motivate individuals of different backgrounds. To further expand my knowledge and toolkit, I certified as a Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

In over a decade and a half in the corporate realm, my skills in the art of recruitment, people management, and crafting visionary strategies were well sharpened through managing international teams, collaborating closely with C-level executives, and building transformative teams and cultures. All this has given me the invaluable skill of seeing a person for who they can be, even when they don’t. A useful skill when mentoring and coaching others.


Our journey

Connecting to the spiritual world is just as important as the material world. To that end, my journey has always included a fair share of spiritual experiences and explorations. When you and I start walking the path, this will be an integral part of our journey. To the extent that you feel comfortable, of course.

I’m naturally attracted to the ancient Slavic rituals and practices, but I frequently augment my knowledge and familiarize myself with the rituals and practices of other cultures. Thai, Judaic, Egyptian, every culture can teach us valuable lessons and help us grow and become better versions of ourselves. Together, we will explore the different areas of your self, to figure out what works best for your mind, spirit, and career goals.

This holistic approach helps you and I reach our fullest potential in an authentic way, while staying true to ourselves. In our sessions we will have the chance to incorporate different tools and techniques, such as: Jungian Psychology, Shadow Work, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Neuroscience, Guided Visualization, and other approaches that you or I might discover along the way.

I’m thrilled and excited to hop on this journey with you, so let’s get started!

The most successful people invest in themself first.